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W. John Airey, Principal

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Allergies at Confederation Central

Please see the sidebar entitled "Allergies at Confed" for information on which classes have been identified as those where specified allergens may not be introduced.

P A Day on Friday 3 February

Friday 3 February will be our next P A Day when teachers will be working on first term report cards. As a result, there will be no classes and very few services available at the school.

Math Night at Confederation Central

On Thursday 1 December, a large crowd of students in grades seven and eight, each of whom was accompanied by a parent, took part in School Advisory Council's math evening. The guest-speakers were Mr Paul Wiersma, Principal of Great Lakes Secondary School, and Mrs Marnie Majeski, head of math at GLSS. Mr Wiersma spoke on the topic of being prepared for math in high school and the realities of grade nine math. Mrs Majeski then presented on Homework Help, the Ministry's on-line math tutoring website for intermediate students who would like some extra help with math. Our students then logged into the site and followed along as Mrs Majeski demonstrated all of the wonderful benefits of this online service. Our heartfelt thanks are offered to our guest-presenters, to the many teachers who came out in support of our students, and to the members of School Advisory Council for sponsoring this event and for making it happen through their behind-the-scenes organising. All in all, this truly was a worthwhile event.

Guidance Counsellor to visit Grade Eight on 10 January

Mr Jerome de Schiffert, a guidance counselor from Great Lakes Secondary School, will begin working with our grade eight students on selecting courses for grade nine. He will teach our students about the different pathways – academic, applied, essential and open – that are available, he will teach them about life in secondary school, and help them prepare for this important transition. Students whose parents have already determined that they will be attending Alexander Mackenzie will work with Ms Witt in making their course selection in company with guidance staff at that school.

KinderStart: To be held on Thursday 16 February at Confederation Central

KinderStart is a special one-day event that is held in each of our schools for parents to register their children for Kindergarten. It is also a great opportunity for parents and children to learn more about school together. The program is offered in partnership with the Best Start community service partners. Through KinderStart, children and parents will have an early opportunity to visit the school and to meet staff in preparation for Full-Day Kindergarten next fall. We also welcome younger brothers and sisters aged eighteen months through three years. Our community partners will offer helpful information about readiness for school, good nutrition, and healthy living tips, as well as immunization. It is important that parents register their children for Junior Kindergarten so that proper class sizes can be planned. Students currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten this year in one of our schools do not need to be registered again. Documentation showing proof of age and proof of address must be presented at registration. KinderStart will be held on different days in our other schools.

From the Co-ordinator of International Education

In July 2015, twenty students from grade six, seven and eight, two staff members from LKDSB schools experienced a thirteen-day educational and cultural adventure in Busan, South Korea. Students were billeted with a Korean family that allowed them an authentic insight into home life in this foreign country. Students attended school with their host family “buddies” and also found time to visit many of the historical tourist attractions that Korea has to offer. For most of our students, this was their first trip without a parent and they were referring to it as “the trip of a lifetime”.

Plans are now underway for the July 2017 excursion. Please contact your school's principal for additional information. We are planning a family information night in January where you will be able to meet staff who have accompanied our students to Korea. A detailed overview will be provided and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. We look forward to meeting you.

From Mr White: Salvation Army Food Drive

The final results are in for our annual food drive and the Red House collected the most items with 1155. Close behind in second was the Yellow House with 1113, followed by the Green House with 790, and the Orange House with 437. After all the votes were tallied for the most creative creation, the Yellow House gathered 88 votes, while orange had 69, Green had 52, and Red had 28. You’ve done an excellent job, Confederation Central, in support of the Salvation Army on this very worthwhile food drive. Congratulations also go to our house captains for all their hard work in building their creations.

Spirit Days: 13 and 27 January

In order to inject some fun into January, Students’ Council is organising two spirit days. The first will be “camouflage day”, when students will be encouraged to dress in as much camouflaged clothing as possible. The second day will be “flannel day”. Students will be encouraged to dress as thoroughly in flannel as possible. Guidance and direction will be provided to students as these irregular days approach. Good luck!

Parents’ Support Group: Lunch Day for January

Our Parents’ Support Group, which is always on the lookout for new members, will be offering one hot lunch day this month. Little Caesar’s will be offered on Thursday 26 January.

Literacy & Numeracy

Teachers will be finishing the units of study that they began mid-November, namely students will be working on the writing form known as “persuasive”. In short, the purpose of persuasive is to influence. “Persuasive” begins with a position statement that is supported by evidence and examples; attempts to convince by using logic; may include factual data; and may compare or contrast. Unlike with writing, teachers in different divisions will, at times, focus on different strands of math. Feel free to ask your child’s teacher how you can support him/her in this important area.